Aderco has responded to an increasing demand from customers in the fishing industry for smaller containers of fuel treatment with the introduction of a new one litre bottle, due to usage and storage restrictions on board.

The Pelagic trawler fleets have been using Aderco in 20 litre pails for diesel marine engine maintenance but there has been a call from compact fishing vessels and passenger boats to provide Aderco 2055G in smaller units. This is down to reduced use because of size and restrictions on storage in smaller vessels.

Andrew Deacy of Engine-Solutions/CorribHydServices, Aderco’s distributor for Ireland, sees this development as the next step in introducing the benefits of fuel treatments into another sector of the shipping industry.

“The introduction of the new one litre bottle came as a result of requests from ship operators and fishing fleets who were unable to store our larger 20 litre pails on their ships. We have always been very responsive to our customers and so the one litre bottle will be offered to vessels that will probably only use 2,000 to 5,000 litres of fuel each year. It is part of our continued partnership with our customers and we will also make the smaller bottles available for use in the agricultural, farming and construction industries.”

New compact bottles of Aderco 2055G