TOKYO—Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Takeshi Hashimoto) today announced that it was selected as a “Digital Transformation (DX) certified business operator” based on the “DX Certification” established by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to promote corporate DX.

The DX certification is based on the Act on Partial Revision of the Act on Facilitation of Information Processing, which took effect on May 15, 2020. Businesses that implement excellent measures according to the government guidelines are designated as “DX certified businesses (DX-Ready)” by the Ministry. The certification recognizes companies that have established a vision, developed a strategy and organization, and prepared for promotion of DX.

MOL has taken measures to improve customer satisfaction by operating an information platform called “Lighthouse” (Note 1) and enhancing its functions; developing tools that support safe operation (Note 2); reducing its environmental impact by improving operational efficiency, mainly with the FOCUS project (Note 3); and introducing digital marketing (Note 4).

The MOL Group aims at to be the corporate group of customer choice by thoroughly safe operation and proactive response to environmental issues not only with hardware-centered technologies, but also by applying and adopting digital technology.

(Note 1) Please refer to January 14, 2020 press release:
MOL Launches ‘Lighthouse’ Information Platform for Customers

– Turning Spotlight on Ocean Transport, Bringing Information to Life –

(Note 2) Please refer to the following press releases as recent initiatives.

October 19, 2020:

MOL Steps up Research Aimed at Autonomous Collision Avoidance
– Part of Initiative to Realize Autonomous Ships –

March 8, 2021:
MOL Enhances Function of AR Navigation System to support Vessel Navigation

– Enhancement Helps Navigators Avoid Dangerous Shallow Areas –

March 25, 2021:

NAPA, MOL, and ClassNK agree to joint further development for a comprehensive navigational risk monitoring system

(Note 3): Please refer to August 4, 2020 press release:
MOL Introduces FOCUS Project Part Ⅲ: Virtual Ship Visit Application ‘Fleet Tour’

– Reinforcing Use/Application of ICT under COVID-19 Pandemic –

(Note 4) Please refer to September 2, 2020 press release:
MOL Introduces ‘MOL Service Website’

– Leverage the strength of Digital Marketing and Meet Needs of More Customers –

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