MOL has launched a new YouTube channel “MOL Official Channel (English)” dedicated to videos produced in English, and at the same time renewed our main official channel “商船三井公式チャンネル/ MOL Channel”.

As both domestic and international travels are still limited under COVID-19 situation, and there are fewer opportunities to directly send out our images and information on our businesses, we have started the new channel in order to focus more on our global stakeholders. The channels will provide sections and playlists that meet the needs of viewers, as well as links to video channels distributed by our group companies in order to have more people enjoy viewing videos related to our company services, technologies, and information, as well as our vessels operating in the open seas. New videos will be uploaded on a regular basis with the aim of creating a channel that can be enjoyed by all stakeholders seeking information about our company and by those who love ships and the sea.

NEW MOL Official Channel (English)
Launching date: September 6, 2021

商船三井公式チャンネル / MOL Channel
Launching date: January 17, 2018

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