TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd (MOL; President& CEO: Junichiro Ikeda) today announced that it will extend the “Work-from-Home” program, originally planned from March 9th to April 3rd, until further notice. This program is aimed to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and ensuring the safety of officers and employees working at MOL.

In conjunction with this announcement, MOL’s response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and its action implementation are the following.

As MOL’s primary mission is contribution to the transportation infrastructure through continuous operational safety and navigation, thus the following measures are being taken, aiming to sustain the transportation of necessary goods and resources.

  1. To reduce the risk of our Employees becoming infected and spreading the infection.
  1. To reduce the risk of our Officers and Employees becoming infected and spreading the infection.

Prevention of infection among employees working on land and at sea is a prerequisite for business continuity.  Employees on land have been instructed to wash their hands, gargle, wear a mask in public places, take a temperature before going to work, and suspend work in the event of a high fever. In addition, by “working-from-home”, employees reduce the risk of infection while commuting to the office and are prevented from becoming a spreader to the society.

Employees at sea reduce the risk of infection and prevent the spread of infection by limiting the number  of external visitors to vessels managed by our company to only those who need to embark related to arrival and departure in port procedures, or to perform cargo handling operations onboards, which are also requested to wear masks provided by the vessel.

  • To upgrade our business continuity system under the assumption of the current situation does not improving for an unexpected period.

We have tackled some operational issues encountered initially but “Working-from-home” may continue for some time to come, so we are working on developing a work system that is sustainable for a longer period.

MOL will continue its efforts to avoid inconvenience to customers and concerned parties, while we “work-from-home”

  • To ensure the operational safety and navigation and stable transportation of vessels operated in our company

Even which we face current difficulties by COVID-19, MOL’s mission still stands as mentioned above, and we aim in balancing efforts to prevent the spread of infection, with meeting customer demands and providing stress-free services through safe and stable transportation.

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