IAPH announced the dates for the IAPH World Ports Conference 2021 in a recent statement. The annual networking- event will take place in Antwerp, Belgium on Wednesday 23 June – Friday 25 June

“We’re excited to confirm that the IAPH World Ports Conference will be taking place in Antwerp in 2021,” said Patrick Verhoeven, IAPH Managing Director. The event – which takes place over the span of three days – showcases the vital parts ports contribute to the global maritime trade industry. It is attended by key industry stakeholders, brought together to learn, share information, network and collaborate.

“The coronavirus pandemic has only delayed our visit to Antwerp,” Verhoeven said after the World Ports Conference 2020 was canceled as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. “We look forward to bringing together leading ports, their customers and stakeholders, as well as regulators, in a world-class interactive event.”

The three-day event aspires to imagine and create a future where ports lead on the key topics of business innovation, data collaboration, energy transition and reputation management.