Promoting Diversity and Energising the Organisation through Wheelchair Rugby Experiential Session and Family Workplace Tour

Players and Staff of BLITZ and MOL families joined MOL Challenge Day

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. announced that on Wednesday, August 14, it hosted “MOL Challenge Day,” an event for employees and families that encompassed a workplace tour and wheelchair rugby experiential session.

MOL has promoted company-wide diversity programs with the aim of cultivating a vigorous, innovative organization by developing an environment that allows its diverse workforce to maximise their abilities and enhance their motivation on the job.

Part 1 of MOL Challenge Day, focusing on employees and their families featured a workplace tour and wheelchair rugby experiential session at the invitation of the BLITZ wheelchair rugby teamon which MOL employee Kae Kurahashi, serves as the captain. Part 2, just for employees, consisted of an exchange meeting with BLITZ players.

About 120 employees and family members participated in the first part. The session began with lunch in the employee canteen and introduction to employees’ jobs, including a quiz, and creation of business cards, followed by a workplace tour that included the Safety Operation Supporting Center (SOSC). Throughout the event, the children showed great interest in their parents’ workplace, which they were visiting for the first time. In the second half of the session, children took part in the “wheelchair rugby experiential session.” The youngsters’ excitement grew as they actually rode in the wheelchairs used in the game and played tag with BLITZ players.

About 60 employees joined Part 2 and got to appreciate the excitement of wheelchair rugby, using the wheelchairs to play tag and being “tackled” by team players. Afterward, during the exchange meeting with BLITZ team players, they listened to various episodes from the players’ lives and gained a deeper understanding of the sport.

Wheelchair rugby is a sport that can maximize the team’s strength with all the players demonstrating their ability to perform, depending on the degree of disability, and playing their own roles. It is an ideal sport to embody diversity. Through this event, MOL aims to convey the attractiveness of wheelchair rugby, encourage a greater appreciation of diversity and energize the company going forward.

MOL continues to promote the growth of wheelchair rugby and works to develop an environment that celebrates the diversity of employees inside and outside the company.

Participants listening to the presentation on the role of SOSC
Children enjoying wheelchair rugby with BLITZ team players
Employees having fun in wheelchair tag
MOL members volunteered to experience real  “Tackle” from BLITZ player