– Aimed at Training Executives with a Global Perspective –

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL President & CEO Junichiro Ikeda) today announced that the in-house training program “One MOL Global Management College was launched on September 4.

One MOL Global Management College started in 2014 with the aim to improve management skills in a cross-cultural environment and develop the next generation of executives who will be leaders in the MOL Group’s global management. The 2017 session marks the fourth year MOL has offered the program.  In response to today’s global marketplace, the program targets not only employees in Japan, but also personnel from overseas subsidiaries who represent the future of the MOL Group. This year, the program will host 14 participants from 7 countries who will continue to meet and learn over the next four months.

The participants will take part in energetic, hands-on sessions focused on the themes of personal empowerment, organizational management, and strategic leadership.  The program will also focus on the company’s values, which are referred to as MOL CHART values.  The program will challenge the participants to come up with their own proposals to improve the company. The program culminates with the participants making proposal presentations to MOL’s top executives on the final day.

MOL has pushed ahead with efforts to nurture global leaders who are committed to acting with a sense of ownership by sharing the values of MOL CHART among their employees and using it as basis for decision making. The One MOL Global Management College is one of many programs used by the company to meet its long-term vision of developing the MOL Group into an excellent and resilient organization that leads the world shipping industry.






(*) MOL CHART expresses MOL Group shared values. MOL CHART was introduced in April 2015 to promote sustainable growth. The word CHART is an acronym for Challenge, Honesty, Accountability, Reliability, and Teamwork.

Please refer to the following press release for details.

MOL Introduces “MOL CHART” on April 1, 2015




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