Driving the push towards a world economic recovery once the Covid-19 pandemic has eased will fall to global supply chains and the world’s shipping fleet according to Palau International Ship Registry (PISR).

With increasing pressures on the world’s shipping industry as international lockdowns bite, PISR is working as normal to help ship owners with its range of services digitally available regardless of time or location and continues to guarantee same day delivery for all services.  

The registry’s services are all digital which protects the staff, Deputy Registrars and all stakeholders. These services have been working successfully and reliably for the past couple of years and PISR will be continuing to operate round the clock to ensure the Palau registered ships are still operating and keeping both staff and stakeholders safe during the pandemic.

Panos Kirnidis, CEO of Palau International Ship Registry, says it is vital that the world’s shipping fleet continues to operate as normally as possible.

“COVID-19 has already had a profound effect on the global maritime industry and the situation is changing daily. PISR has three words we are using during this pandemic to ensure our operations and those working with us, along with the ship owners we work for, are first and foremost: Care, Support and Contactless. We are available online, on the phone, by email, social media and through our website for any requests for help and support from our fleet. 

With this pandemic likely to continue for some time, at PISR we have not changed our way of working but we have changed our place of operations. By having a digital operation and our services online we can guarantee same day delivery to both offices and ships of certificates and the rest of our services, most within a matter of seconds. This is what the world’s shipping fleet needs because they will be the driving force behind a global economic recovery.

“Our investment in becoming a SMART registry and having our services digital means we can keep our staff safe with remote working and still maintain the high standards we have set for ship owners over the past two years. We are offering a time and cost saving service that is reducing the administrative burden on ship owners. In fact, ship owners can even register their vessels with us using a smartphone. Whatever the enquiry we are still conducting business as usual: we can meet the needs of our fleet for certificates, registrations as well as online payments. All this is part of our determination to ensure business as usual and keep everyone safe in the process. Although we cannot be certain at this time about how the situations regarding inspections and port services are going to affected globally, what we can be certain of is that we stand firmly behind our ship owners.

“Ship owners can connect with any of our employees instantly by using our Customer Care Line even though we are all working remotely during this period. By using our website online chat function we can help with enquiries and connect callers directly with relevant staff members for specific issues. Information on fees, service requirements, applications, documents and processes can be accessed via our online Fee Calculator and online Service Requirements link. In order to avoid visits to the bank and make the life easier and safer at this time we have on our website an Online Payment tool for payments of invoices online even if the service/s were not ordered online.

“It is important to say again that at PISR we care deeply about our customers and we will support our ship owners to run their businesses through these difficult times. This pandemic is also causing issues for crew and their abilities to leave and join their ships and we stand behind them in trying to resolve these problems. They are as important to us at PISR as anyone else connected with our operations.

“It is not alarmist to say that the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to cause a severe shock to the global economy and in particular to the global shipping industry with the delays caused by the lockdowns in certain countries and production shutdowns, particularly in China, having a knock-on effect on the sector because of the disruption to global supply chains. We are working with ship owners to ensure the effects of these disruptions are kept to a minimum and not impacting on their operational abilities with digital services 24/7. Although there will most likely be a period of uncertainty even when the pandemic is past its worst, at PISR we have faith in the global economy and its powers of recovery. What we need is faith in systems, belief in strong governmental actions and a determination not to lose sight of the recovery that will come.”

Web links to pages:

Fee Calculator (https://v3.palaushipregistry.net/FeesPISR)

Online Service Requirements (https://v3.palaushipregistry.net/checklist/help) Online Payments (https://www.palaureg.com/online-services/online-payment/pay-your-bill-online/)

Details of care line:

Customer Care Line (+30 210 4293500)

Panos Kirnidis, CEO of Palau International Ship Registry

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About Palau International Ship Registry (PISR)

PISR is one of the fastest growing registries in the world. By investing in advanced technology, highly experienced staff and building on a foundation of a fully electronic registry, PISR continues to provide the highest standards of administrative, legal, technical and support functions to ship-owners and managers. Having a set of unique SMART.Registry® tools and a dedicated Deficiency Prevention System – SMART.DPS® with greater operational and cost-effective flexibility for ship owners, PISR is redefining the Ship Registration service and proves that the world’s oceans are big enough for a smart superior Flag of confidence that ship owners can trust and believe in.

Our goal is clear and we are aiming to be one of the leading ship registries in the global shipping industry.

We have made significant investment in our Information Technology systems and we have developed a unique SMART.Registry® solution that is fully integrated with SAP Business One ERP system and SalesForce CRM system. In addition, our interactive website is being constantly updated and is fully dynamic, informative and responsive to our client’s needs.

Our fees and pricing are transparent and cost effective. We have an online fee calculator, which instantly shows how competitive we are and that there are no hidden fees, along allowing for easy online payment. We don’t just delivery the traditional services within our fee, we are adding real value and making sure our customers get more for their money, though our value added services: SMART.DPS®, ePISR® with zero administrative burden, our guaranteed same day responses and all of these are underpinned by our online support chat facility and ensuring our customers have one single point of contact.

By recognizing one of the major issues that owners have – in not being able to easily prevent detentions and have them inflicted on them – we designed our unique SMART.DPS® Deficiency Prevention System to solve this problem and we have seen a tremendous and remarkable drop in detention rates across the fleets that are using it. We are continuously investing in our SMART.DPS® and can reveal exclusively here our Tokyo MOU version will be available in the first half of 2020.

Our investment in technology hasn’t overridden our commitment to ship owner and we fully recognize and respond to the needs and thoughts of ship owners, who tell us what is important to them, including the need for speed in decision making, especially when it impacts on the operational and technical management of their ships. This is why we have built our registry around four pillars: responsiveness, instant and transparent decision making, localization and effectiveness.

PISR strives for the highest of quality standards and has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd (LRQA) to the standards of ISO 9001:2015 and is the only registry approved by BQC to the standards of ISO Anti-Bribery 37001:2016.

PISR has a global presence with a network of 40 Deputy Registrars (DRs) in 24 countries and 105 Flag State Inspectors (FSIs) in 43 countries and has a permanent representative at the IMO.

PISR has active memberships in BIMCO, The Propeller Club of the United States, HELMEPA, Chios Marine Club and WIMA, constantly providing its support to Greek and International maritime organizations and associations.

PISR was created by an amendment to the Title 7 of the National Code in 2010 and was appointed by the Government of The Republic of Palau as the Ship Registry Administrator and provides the day-to-day management for the Republic of Palau Ship Registry.

PISR is tomorrow’s leader, today and globally known as a SMART.Registry®