Tips and Tricks about a press release

1. What is a press release or a news release?

A press release or a news release is an official statement directed to news media about something important to your company. These issued press releases should deliver valuable news about your company such as special events, achievements, promotion, new products and sales to journalists, bloggers, editors, reviewers, and potential customers.

2. How to write a press release?

Generally, a press release is composed of five parts; headline, summary, body, about the company and contact information.

The headline is the first line showing the context of press release briefly. It should contain the main points and it is important to have a comment from senior management where possible.

This section is a short single paragraph providing brief information about what the press release will be.

The body part consists of dateline, introduction, and details. Dateline contains the date of the press release with the city where it is released. Introduction is the first paragraph of the body and provides basic information of who, what, when, where, and why about the following context. After that, details back up the introduction and explain the rest of the press release in detail.

About the company
In this section, the background information and rough introduction of the issuing company can be provided.

Contact information
At the end of the press release, for the further questions and particulars, the contact information should be added. The name of editor, email address, website address, and telephone number should be included. It is better to have same email address and organization’s website address to establish credibility.

3. What are online news release? What is difference compared to the traditional press releases?
In the past, traditional news releases used to be exclusive only to professional journalists. However, because of the advance of Internet and social networks, news releases can be issued to a far wider range of readers. Online news releases enable press release to use multimedia- video, image and audio.

4. Tips for online news releases
– Online news releases should be written in a condensed form.
– Links in the press release will bring potential customers to the company/organization’s website and optimizing pages allow them to be searched easily on Google and Yahoo.
– Try to reach particular journalists who are experts in the company’s area of business.
(Source : David Meerman Scott, The New Rules of PR)

5. The information which should not be included in a press release
First of all, press release should not contain the information which might violate other people’s right to privacy or which is against anothers’ reputation. Also, offensive information such as discrimination, racism, slander or sensitive political issues should be prohibited.

6. The way to increase the online visibility statistics
In order to make a release interesting, appropriate use of statistics and attachment of pictures and videos are effective tools. Check; 1) whether relevant categories of industry have been chosen, 2) whether the press release distribution date is correct and 3) proper use of videos, images and links, logos has been made.