Why press releases are important

The press release has been a public relation tool for over 112 years. Even in our world of 24/7 news consumption it is still a powerful part of any public relations strategy. 

And here are the reasons why press releases are so important.

1. Press releases can be used for many purposes   

It doesn’t matter if you want to promote an upcoming event, spread important new or even clarify difficult situations, press releases are good for many occasions.

2. Building a network

A good written press release can help you to establish new relationships.Journalists will refer to you and use your press release as a story idea. You can also get the attention potential customers and gain them for your business.

3. Build SEO traffic

Writing in a natural language and using specific keywords can boost your SEO. That is a perfect way to improve your search results.

4. Business credibility

Press releases are seen as trustworthy and informative. This increases the customers trust in the brand and their willingness to buy something.

5. Press releases can contain more than just words

Press releases can consist of many elements. You can add images, videos, social posts or any other visually appealing element. There is no limit for your creativity.

6. Raise your voice

Last but not least press releases are a great opportunity for you to raise your voice. You can create an image of your company. You can decide how the world sees your company.

If the arguments convinced you, just try to write a press release. It might be difficult at the beginning, but it is worth it.

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