How to write a good press release

Press releases are crucial parts of every public relations strategy. But the internet and journalists are flooded with thousands of press releases. Therefore, a good and outstanding press release is essential. Otherwise your press release won’t be noticed.

Following these steps, helps you to make your press release great and remarkable.

1.  Make sure your story is newsworthy

Is your story new and interesting? Will anyone care about it? If not, your press release won’t get any attention.

2. The format

Every press release needs a clear and well-arranged structure. Make sure it contains the date and the press contact info. Your text should be structures with a visual headline and paragraphs. You can also add some pictures, it will make your press release more interesting.

3. A good headline

A strong headline is a must. Most people use headlines to decide whether to read a press release. With an engaging and accurate headline, you can make sure that your text will get noticed.

4. The first paragraph

It is important to get right to the point in the first paragraph. That is an efficient way to grab your readers attention. Otherwise they will just stop reading your press release. Make sure you answer the 5 W’s and give the readers a reason to care about your topic.

5.  Include some hard numbers and quotes

Hard numbers can proof your arguments and will make your press release trustworthy. Quotes add a human element. They make your press release more personal but also more informative.

6. Length

Limit the press release to one page. This makes your press release more readable and prevents your text from including unnecessary waffle.

7. Include contact information

Make sure that the readers and journalists can contact you after reading the press release. Provide a phone number, a link to your website and an email address.