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Ti Asia Pacific and Ti Europena e-commerce

TI European e-commerce report

Despite a weak economy, European e-commerce activity is flourishing. In 2012, the region’s e-commerce market grew by 12%, despite a decline in overall retail sales for the same period.

Online-only retailers, known as “pure plays”, initially benefited from the swift increase in e-commerce sales. However, now brick & mortar retailers are fighting back and as a result, some are experiencing double-digit growth in their online offerings.

The ability to not only adapt to a changing retail industry, but also to respond to these changes with a flexible, agile supply chain is now a necessity for retailers to survive. Some retailers, such as Jessops and Comet in the UK, have been too slow to adopt a multi-channel approach and this has, in part, resulted in both companies being declared bankrupt.

Logistics providers and postal services have also had to respond quickly to the rapid rise in demand for ecommerce solutions. Although providers have developed tailored solutions for transport, fulfilment and returns, few have developed the sophisticated services which eretailers demand. Therefore, a large proportion of e-retail logistics functions are still not out-sourced.

Ti’s new report Europe e-commerce Logistics 2013 provides unique analysis of the latest trends in the region’s e-commerce market; including a breakdown of the market by individual countries. The report also provides overviews of major retailers’ supply chains as well as profiles of the key logistics providers and postal services providing e-commerce solutions in Europe.

      What will you learn from Europe e-commerce Logistics 2013?

– A detailed overview of the market as well as recent trends and developments
– A breakdown of the e-commerce markets in individual European countries, providing an in-depth summary of each market
– Analysis of the differences between B2B, B2C and Pure Play e-commerce
– Total market sizing and growth forecasts
– A thorough examination of major retailers’ European supply chains
– E-retail transport and logistics services including warehousing and fulfilment, reverse logistics, express and parcel logistics.
– Analysis of the e-commerce solutions provided by Europe’s post office
– Comprehensive profiles of postal providers and logistics providers.


Individual European e-commerce Markets

Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Turkey

Western Europe: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom.


Supply Chain Overviews and Provider Profiles

Europe e-commerce Logistics 2013 contains detailed overviews of major retailers’ supply chains including:

Amazon, ASOS, Markafoni and Trendyol, Otto Group, Tesco and Wehkamp.

The report also contains profiles of major postal providers:

Bpost, Deutsche Post DHL, La Poste, PostNord, PostNL and Royal Mail.

As well as key e-commerce logistics providers:

CEVA, FedEx, Hermes Logistik Gruppe, Norbert Dentressangle, Kuehne + Nagel, SEKO Global Logistics and UPS.

Comprehensive Market Analysis

Europe e-commerce Logistics 2013 analyses critical market trends and assesses potential developments. The report focuses particularly on the rise of mobile commerce (m-commerce) and the impact it is having on the total e-commerce market. The report also details the size of the European m-commerce market.

In addition, European e-commerce Logistics 2013 examines the development of the “multi-channel” or “omnichannel” approach being employed by retailers. This approach enables shoppers to order from anywhere and have goods delivered to different locations according to individual preferences.

Furthermore, the report provides an in-depth examination of cross-border barriers, including language, culture, VAT fees, banking rules and other national regulations and legislation.

E-Commerce Market Size and Forecasts

Europe e-commerce Logistics 2013 details the overall size of Europe’s total e-commerce market and growth forecasts for 2015, as well as a comparative analysis of the B2B, B2C and Pure Play markets.

In addition, the report provides a breakdown of the size of e-commerce markets by individual country. Furthermore, the report includes detailed analysis of key countries including: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Turkey and Russia (Eastern Europe) as well as France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom (Western Europe). The report also includes a comparative analysis of the total Eastern and Western markets.

Who should buy European e-commerce Logistics 2013?

Europe e-commerce Logistics 2013 is essential reading for companies seeking to understand the complexities of the sector, recent developments and forecasts for expansion and growth in the market. The report will enable readers to develop business strategies, review competitor operations and examine investment prospects.

The report is specifically written to provide easily accessible and valuable strategic insight to:

– Logistics service providers
– Global retailers
– Manufacturers
– Supply chain and logistics strategists
– Market analysts and consultants
– All C-level executives

How to buy European e-commerce Logistics 2013

European e-commerce Logistics 2013
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Ti Asia Pacific transforms logistics market despite economic slowdown

Asia Pacific continues to develop at a swift pace despite economic unease within its two largest trade partners – the EU and the US. Shifting trade lanes, the growth of the ASEAN community and increasing intra-regional trade have prompted a transformation in the region’s logistics market and significant investment by logistics providers.

As trade dynamics change with its largest trade partners, Asia Pacific is in search of new partners. Africa, for example, is among the fastest growing trade markets for China. It is anticipated that trade between Africa and China could surpass trade with Europe and the US in the next three to five years. In addition, intra-Asia trade is on the increase, a theme that will continue to develop as the creation of the ASEAN economic bloc is realised in 2015.

Asia Pacific Transport & Logistics 2013 provides a unique and comprehensive overview of the logistics market in the Asia Pacific region. The report is packed full of qualitative analysis and quantitative data which will give you a detailed understanding of the region’s market.

What will you learn from Asia Pacific Transport & Logistics 2013?
• An insight into the growth of Asia Pacific intra-regional trade.
•Market size and growth rates as well as forecasts for the contract logistics, express and freight forwarding sectors in the region as well as key    individual markets.
•A comprehensive overview into the transport infrastructure of individual countries, including emerging economies through detailed and illustrative  maps developed by Ti.
•The influence of trade patterns on the logistics industry across the region and how new partnerships are developing.
•An understanding of the dynamics of each individual country’s logistics markets.
•Analysis of logistics providers’ financial performance and strategic developments in the region.

Logistics Markets
Asia Pacific Transport & Logistics 2013 examines the latest trends affecting investment in the logistics industry, both from the perspective of transport infrastructure and the logistics companies that operate in the region. It provides an overview of the market in its current form and explains how shifts in manufacturing have influenced the market’s development.

The report also offers a detailed insight into the region through analysis of its economy and trade, transport infrastructure and the logistics markets of individual countries. In addition, it contains profiles of the major logistics providers operating in the region, including both international market leaders and the largest Asian providers.

Market size and growth forecasts
The report includes market sizing and growth forecasts for the region’s contract logistics, freight forwarding and express sectors as well as an overview of how each market is currently performing.

The express parcel sector contains analysis of the overall market as well as the domestic and international markets. Furthermore, the freight forwarding sector is segmented between air cargo and sea freight.

In addition, the report contains a breakdown of each market by individual country.
Economic and trade performance

The report acts as an essential resource of information on key economic and trade metrics – some of the key components to understanding the development of the region’s logistics market. Each country profile contains an economic overview, including data such as key export and import partners as well as the structure of trade in terms of commodities shipped.

Who will benefit from Asia Pacific Transport & Logistics 2013?

This report is specifically written to provide easily accessible and valuable strategic insight to:
• Consultants and researchers

• Financial analysts

• Strategy Directors

• Investors

• Logistics Managers and Directors

• Knowledge Managers

• Government/NGOs

• All C-Level Executives

Company profiles:
Asian Logistics Providers – Kerry Logistics, Kintetsu Worldwide Express, Nippon Express, Sinotrans, Toll Holdings and Yusen Logistics.
International Logistics Providers – Agility, CEVA, Damco, DB Schenker Logistics, DP DHL, FedEx, Kuehne + Nagel, Panalpina, TNT Express and UPS.

Asia Pacific Transport & Logistics 2013 – At a Glance

Asia Pacific Transport & Logistics 2013 provides a breakdown of the logistics markets by individual countries in the region.

The report contains analysis of each individual country’s economy & trade, infrastructure (including road, rail, sea and air) and logistics market.

The report offers an in-depth study of the following countries:
• Australia
• China
• Hong Kong
• India
• Indonesia
• Japan
• Malaysia
• Philippines
• Singapore
• South Korea
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• Vietnam

As well as the emerging countries of:
• Bangladesh
• Myanmar (Burma)
• Cambodia
• Laos
• Mongolia
• Pakistan
• Sri Lanka

Pricing excluding VAT PDF Version only:
Single user licence – £1,095
Regional licence – £2,190
Global licence – £3,285
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