Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President: Junichiro Ikeda) as the Charterer of Capesize
Bulker “Wakashio”, are doing everything possible to support the efforts of Owner and
Manager, Nagashiki Shipping Co. Ltd. (Nagashiki) and their appointed teams in
mitigating the effects of the spill. MOL deplores any incident of oil pollution and
continues to offer support to all involved in the response.
Wakashio went aground off Mauritius on July 25, and the bunker oil has leaked out on August 6,
and the vessel broke apart on August 15.
Following information has been received from Nagashiki.

  • The Forward part of the hull has been towed to the designated position instructed by the
    Mauritian Authority, and the order to sink the vessel at that position was given on August 21.
    Owner was informed on August 24, that the forward half of the vessel has sank within the
    Mauritian territorial waters after measures such as removing hydraulic oil by a team of experts
    in accordance with the instructions from the local Authority and applicable Law.
  • Team of salvage experts appointed by Nagashiki, are in close dialogue with the local Authority
    about the plan of safe removal plan of the stern part of the hull.
  • A Team of experts appointed by Nagashiki continue to work together with the
    Authority and Volunteers, to recover the oil from the sea and coastal areas in order
    to minimize the impact to the environment.

MOL as the Charterer, has dispatched a team of employees from MOL Group and clean-up
equipments such as oil absorbent, to cooperate and support Nagashiki to recover the environment
of Mauritius.

  • Six members from MOL has arrived at the site on August 12, for the purpose of cooperating
    with the authorities, collecting information, preventing the spread of oil spill, and
    supporting oil spill recovery.
  • One member from MOL Group has arrived at the site on August 22, for the purpose
    of managing the logistic and inventory of equipment such as oil absorbent.
  • Due to the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, area of activity will be
    limited. Members in Mauritius are collecting information from related parties and Authorities.
  • The first clean-up equipment sent by MOL, has arrived in Mauritius on August 23, Thereafter, additional equipment such as masks, protective suits, oil absorbents, etc. will arrive in Mauritius on August 26 and August 28.
  • MOL plans to keep sending necessary equipment.

MOL will continue to work with the relevant authorities of Mauritus and Japan to mitigate the situation as soon as possible together with the shipowners.