Seably, the global online marketplace for maritime training, is broadening its extensive library of maritime training courses with the launch of new and exclusive dedicated courses for the Superyacht Industry.

The bespoke courses, launched in Monaco during the Yacht Show 2021, are being made available through a partnership with Superyacht industry specialist Abigail (Abi) McGrath and the global network of Superyacht Captains and Crew ACREW. Commissioned specially for Superyacht captains and crew, they feature quality content developed by specialists within the industry.

The courses covering all aspects of the sector and provide quality training in hospitality, assets conversation, vessel maintenance, safety on board, career development, personal health and well-being. There are over 50 courses being made immediately available upon launch, all with affordable and free access within the virtual and digital Seably platform.

The courses encompass the latest concepts in training and development, capturing specialist Superyacht knowledge that is hard for captains and crew to access at will on land or at sea. Among the course titles launched during this first phase are:

Marine injuries and poisonings; The dangers of cold environments; The dangers of hot environments, delivered by MedAire, the leading medical assistance, safety and security organisation. Their courses address medical safety and instruction for specific circumstances that require medical attention. As Brent Palmer, MedAire Director of Education said, “We see the Seably platform as a way of allowing crew to keep their medical knowledge up-to-date. Our concise courses are highly relevant to the specific environment of a superyacht. We plan to also offer short situational awareness type courses for superyacht crew travelling to areas not previously visited.”

Cyber Security content which is developed by specialists CSS Platinum who are dedicated to protection of the superyacht community from crime organisations targeting the maritime industry. Their timely and bespoke content equips crew to be prepared and handle all aspects of cyber security on superyachts.

Safety Culture material, which is authored by Seably and approved by ISWAN. The material includes the free-to-access Onboard Work Environment, and Covid-19 Guidance and Response courses; as well as Safe Food Handling and Working at Height – which are both available for a single purchase price, or for free with a business subscription. Georgia Allen, ISWAN Project Manager, said “Our work promotes and supports the welfare of seafarers all over the world. We understand the unique high-pressure responsibilities faced by superyacht crew, often under challenging circumstances, and know that a positive and effective safety culture on board is important for the physical and mental wellbeing of the crew. The ability for them to access these educational trainings, in such user-friendly and engaging formats, will be of great benefit to crew in the Superyacht Industry globally.”

Seably is delighted to also introduce specialised paid courses such as Art On Board on the practical care of onboard art collections, art appreciation, cultural heritage at sea, and export risks with onboard art collections. Pandora Mather-Lees, from Art On Superyachts, understands the immense responsibility falling on crews to care for onboard art which can be worth more than the vessel itself, “Owners get very upset when their valuable objects are damaged. Our unique courses support crew in protecting the owners’ valuable assets and provide them with the toolkit to care for the art.”

Practical Deck building and maintenance courses from Teakdecking Systems tackle the cleaning of teak decks and how to re-seam a teak deck. Richard Strauss, President is excited that Teakdecking Systems is among the first courses on offer, saying “Teak and composite decks are an impactful element of a superyacht and come at a significant cost. Proper care and maintenance extend the life of the decks. We see Seably as an excellent platform for the delivery of our free online training with interactive learning for product handling, cleaning procedures, re-seam teak decking, and maintenance.”

Other subjects on offer include Crew Recruitment by industry recruitment specialists Wilson Halligan, Fine Art Insurance and an Introduction to the ISM Code for Yachts.

Abi McGrath, who is leading this initiative, commented, “This collaboration is a natural fit. Our partnership with Seably and the launch of this exclusive content ensures that superyacht captains and crew are able to access dedicated and relevant material for their professional learning, career progression and personal development through the Seably marketplace at all times.”

The launch of this dedicated Superyacht material adds to the comprehensive library of digital courses and content already available within the Seably marketplace. Andrea Lodolo, CEO of Seably, said, “The Superyacht industry is thriving. Even with the COVID-19 crisis, the global market, estimated at US$64.1 Billion in 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US$84.7 Billion by 2027*. It is only natural that we expand our focus in this area. From cyber security and art-on-board conservation to safety, health and wellbeing…we are introducing this extensive and timely package of online training courses to strengthen crews and captains in the superyacht industry.”

Seably is a unique marketplace. It is the first maritime digital platform and community that includes company-own inhouse training and specialised industry content, immersive experiences, virtual training, cutting-edge technology and teaching skills from companies, educationalists, specialists, insurers, surveyors and related service providers. Created by seafarers for seafarers, it provides affordable and free access to the latest training and development for real-life learning. The Seably marketplace can be accessed online and offline, at any time on land or at sea using apps, PCs and mobile devices.

* “Yacht Industry – Global Market Trajectory & Analytics”, August 9, 2021

Andrea Lodolo, CEO of Seably

Abi McGrath – Superyacht Industry Director