Seably, the global online marketplace for dedicated maritime training is collaborating with Moxoff, an Italian-based consulting company specialising in the creation and development of mathematical models, to create and implement a community-based revenue sharing model using a game theory approach.

Seably is unique within the maritime industry. A community-driven digital training and educational marketplace, it is built exclusively for the maritime sector using e-learning with mobile apps and cutting-edge technology. Specialised quality content, immersive experiences and virtual training and development are supplied by maritime companies, educationalists, specialists, insurers, surveyors and related service providers.

Seably approached Moxoff to collaborate on this data-driven initiative for its community of content creators and suppliers. Moxoff has roots in the Laboratory for Modelling and Scientific Computing MOX within the prestigious Italian Politecnico di Milano University. It is a world-renowned innovator in bridging the gap between the most advanced mathematical research and real-world applications that can be applied in business. Its broad experience across industries allows Moxoff to break away from predictable paths and adopt original solutions, inspired by the successful experiences in other domains.

Within this collaboration, Moxoff is using MathFusion which leverages two core business assets: data and people’s know-how. Moxoff developed MathFusion to combine the innovative force of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science with the descriptive ability of Mathematical modelling to elevate the best of both disciplines to full power.

Working closely with Seably executives and developers, Moxoff developed a bespoke fair and practical attribution model for Seably content providers. Based on a game-theory approach, the model ensures that the calculated revenue shares are always greater or equal to what the content provider would have earned by selling the courses privately. This approach is superior to other models used by platforms in other industries which have proven to be unfair to smaller contributors. The Seably attribution model is already in place, and the feedback from the content providers has been positive.

Seably and Moxoff are eager to extend the data modelling to learn from the rich anonymised data collated within the Seably platform. From usage and accessibility of content to geolocations, topics and pricing, this will allow Seably to continue its development and capture insights that will ensure the content is relevant and that the model-based system is transparent and fair.

Jacopo Corno, PhD, Moxoff Business Solution Manager commented on the collaboration, “This is an exciting collaboration – for the Maritime Industry, for Seably and for Moxoff. It is a first for Moxoff to apply MathFusion to the shipping industry and we are looking forward to the richness of the data it will generate. This will create insights that will open up new opportunities across the whole industry and other sectors.”

Andrea Lobodo, Seably CEO is delighted with the results from the revenue-sharing model. He said, “We initially approached Moxoff to help us develop a fair and transparent data-based model for revenue-sharing among our community of content providers. We now have a bespoke model that is exceeding our expectations. Having seen the possibilities and opportunities emerging from our collaboration, we now also have plans to continue studying and working with the anonymised data within the marketplace. This will provide us with insights on training and development that will assist and inform our content providers, shipping companies, educators and training institutions, the wider maritime industry as well as the IMO. The Seably-Moxoff collaboration is indeed a partnership that will benefit maritime industry globally.”

Seably was created by seafarers for seafarers. It is an innovative global online platform that offers exclusive and in-depth quality content through its community-based specialised and dedicated content providers. It delivers effective immersive learning for the maritime sector in a unique, digitalised, and online format with affordable and free access to the latest training and development virtually anywhere in the world at any time. Since its launch, it has signed on 52 companies, has 21,000 active users, issued 58,912 certificates and added 91 new course titles into the marketplace.

Jacopo Corno, PhD, Moxoff Business Solution Manager

Andrea Lodolo, CEO of Seably