Passengers with electronic devices carried in the hold of airlines following the recent ban on carrying them as hand luggage, may not be fully insured for the contents of their luggage. Most passengers don’t realise they have limited insurance cover for their possessions including their prized electronic devices.

Most travel insurance policies will not cover electronic items that can be worth as much as £500 – £1000, especially when checked in as hold luggage. Rather than leave your prized iPad, laptop, DVD player or handheld gaming console at home, there is another solution according to Linda Reyes, CEO of International Baggage Insurance (IBI).

“Many travellers fail to realise that some of their most valued electronic possessions are not fully covered by travel insurance and they only find out when they have the need to claim. Most travel insurance policies will not cover items such as tablets, smartphones or laptops. These policies usually set a cap on the amount paid out for stolen or lost luggage. For most travellers, holidaymakers and even business people this might just cover the replacement of the other items in the case, leaving electronic items uncovered meaning many will be out of pocket. Recent research shows that holiday makers and business travellers can take away as many as three expensive electronic items with them on their travels. Losing any of these items can prove costly when you factor in excess charges before you even claim on any insurance.”

IBI has launched a new insurance scheme for travellers that can pay out up to €1,000 for possessions including electronic items and has the option to be topped up at various levels to fully cover and insure what they take on holiday or business with them. Policies start at just €12 for the Basic cover that still offers €300 insurance through to the Superior product that offers €1,000 cover for just €20. This is exactly what travellers now need under the new restrictive regulations according to Linda Reyes.

“Most travel policies will be affected by the new ban and decisions to limit the carrying of electronic items to the hold. These policies also impose single item limits on baggage contents that typically do not exceed €350. At IBI we work closely with the airlines to offer this add-on service that will ensure you will receive the right insurance to cover your luggage content. Government legislation is centred on keeping travellers safe and we welcome this. Our role is to keep travellers happy on their continuing journey by ensuring what they take away with them is covered by the right insurance.”